Zvezda 1:144 Messerschmitt BF109F

Another addition to my 15mm WWII German forces is this Messerschmitt BF109F by Zvezda.

The mottling along the sides of the fuselage was very problematic. I tried airbrushing it, but I've never really got the knack of doing very fine-line airbrushing on non-absorbent surfaces; I inevitably get horrible spidery blobs everywhere. So this one has just been done with a brush by building up several layers of very thin, translucent paint. I'm not that enthralled with the end result, but it's better than my attempts at airbrushing.

The BF109F is a little too late for my preferred period, which is 1939-40, but it will serve the purpose on the tabletop, which is to say "I am a German single-seat fighter plane".
front quarter

rear quarter


bottom — you can see the bolt
that I use to attach the plane
to my magnetic flight stands.

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